Much Social, So Holiday, Such Snapchat, Wow

Image via Tumblr

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Candidates on Social: The 2016 presidential candidates are working to reach voters through social beyond just Facebook and Twitter. This article highlights the top users on Periscope (Hillary), Instagram (Trump) and Pinterest (Hillary), plus calls out candidates making use of Snapchat (Hillary) and Tumblr (Bernie). Obviously the White House hopefuls are striving to reach millennials on these popular platforms, but what I think is most interesting is how the candidates have branded themselves. Hillary appeals strongly to women, with a Snapchat of a pup in a cup and boards for family photos and gift ideas for her granddaughter on Pinterest. Bernie uses his Tumblr to boil down complex issues into photos and gifs and adds a touch of humor to appeal to young voters. I’m also impressed by how smoothly and effectively these candidates have jumped on social trends and think we could learn from them to transition more brands onto new social platforms.

Holiday Roundup: Consumers have shifted more and more to choosing fresh over artificial, handmade over mass-produced and locally-owned over chain. Etsy has naturally been a popular place to purchase unique, handcrafted items. Now, the retail site is promoting local boutiques as well with their city guides. Holiday shoppers can support both artists within the Etsy community and local shops using these guides for shops that feature independent makers in your area. In the age of digital, Google is going print with Google Doodle, a collection of paper dolls you can print out and play with. AT&T has released an emotional and all-too-familiar holiday spot that actually encourages families to get off their phones and be present.

Advertisers Look to Snapchat: As the fastest growing social network with the highest percentage of millennial users, it should come as no surprise that Snapchat has become an important player in the social advertising space. There’s nothing incredibly surprising in this article, however, I think the point about the intimacy Snapchat offers will only become more significant. Many advertising publications have predicted the rise of social messaging services in 2016, as consumers become more attracted to one-on-one interactions in contrast with the aggressive and intrusive techniques favored by some platforms (cough, Facebook).

Every Tumblr Meme from 2015: A few women staffers at the Washington Post were interested in showing how memes spread and thought hey, why don’t we make a timeline of every single Tumblr meme from the entire year? Sources have confirmed that these women are not insane, just really awesome. Check out the incredible timeline they created with the help of the Meme Documentation Tumblr account and Tumblr’s in-house meme librarian (yes, that is a real job), Amanda Brennan.

Happy Holidays!



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