#byetrump: Social Media & the Presidential Election

Image via Feminist Fight Club

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As the second Presidential debate looms nearer (t-minus 5 hours), social media is buzzing with vitriol, comedy, empowerment and urgency. This post is by no means a comprehensive or unbiased roundup of the social media landscape in the wake of Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” remark released on video Friday. More than woman, I am human. As a human being, I simply cannot understand anyone who supports Donald Trump. That being said, here’s some stuff going on online.

#pussygrabsback: Yesterday Feminist Fight Club, a social media presence run by Jessica Bennett (author of a manual by the same name), posted a meme that quickly went viral, getting reposted by artists and comedians including Lena Dunham, Carson Ellis, Sarah Silverman and Amber Tamblyn. In addition to the meme, celebrities including America Ferrera quickly took to the hashtag, demonstrating that women everywhere are taking a stand against rape culture.

Brands Enter the Fray: Last month, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a horrific message comparing Syrian refugees to Skittles. The tape of Donald Trump released Friday contained audio of Trump talking inappropriately about using Tic Tacs and forcing himself upon an actress. Both candy companies have released statements condemning Trump’s statements and distancing themselves from his campaign.

Women Share Their #NotOkay Stories: On Friday evening millions of women turned to the Twitter community to speak out against sexual assault. Cartoonist Rebecca Cohen asked women to retweet her if they’ve ever had an intimate body part grabbed without their consent. Nearly 19,000 women retweeted her message. Author and social media blogger Kelly Oxford asked women to tweet her their first sexual assaults. Oxford reported receiving nearly 10 million impressions, with a minimum of 50 women per minute sharing their stories of sexual assault, many with the hashtag #NotOkay.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump…:  Accused rapist, blatant xenophobe and racist, white supremacist supporter, documented misogynistdenier of mental health disorders and, perhaps worst of all, this country’s chosen Republican nominee  tweeted “Certainly has been an interesting 24 hours!”

The man is a monster. Have fun watching the debate, everyone. I’ll be drowning my sorrows in a bottle of whiskey and live tweeting the downfall of society.

Stay classy, nerds.


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